To us, vehicles have greater significance.

Our aim is to foster an unparalleled sense of pride in the cars you own.. Irrespective of how you engage with our business, it will be clear that our passion for special cars is more significant than our desire to forcefully sell them. Whether its a high quality daily driver or a collectable, we understand the importance of finding exactly what you are after.

Value underpins all vehicles we have for sale.

We don’t just mean ‘value’ in the sense that applies to getting a lot for your money; but also as a physical store of value. Certain vehicles can be steadily appreciating assets that make sound investments and we try and have many of these on our floor. The future values of some of our older classic vehicles has in fact been a primary consideration for their presence in our showroom.

Total support is here when you need it.

Purchasing cars in general; let alone luxury, exotic or classic cars can be daunting for many people. With a full range of warranty options available and extremely knowledgeable motorsport and classic motoring mechanics at your fingertips, you will always have someone to speak to.

We will work with you to acquire/sell something special or a daily driver.

With an extensive international network of exotic vehicle vendors, nothing is impossible to acquire for us. Also, with consignment selling options and trade ins welcomed we are able to take the stress out of selling and ensure you get a fair price for your car.